The Art of Rhinoplasty

The nose is the central feature of the face, and is the major determinant of facial beauty. Humps, asymmetry, fractures, bulbous tips, and broad dorsums can all be corrected and refined through a number of elegant surgical maneuvers. Rhinoplasty surgery is much like architecture. Form and function go hand in hand, and the challenge is creating a nose the looks fantastic and allows easy passage of air.

Rhinoplasty surgery is aimed at improving the appearance of the nose while simultaneously maintaining the ability to breathe. Dr. Wong's approach to aesthetic and corrective nasal surgery is based on an individualized approach that focuses on achieving balance with the other features of the face.

Dr. Wong's expertise is in rhinoplasty. And he strives to create a beautiful and natural appearing nose. Aesthetic nasal surgery is the focus of Dr. Wong's practice.

Facial Plastic Surgery